Slave Contract - Private
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Slave Contract - Private

Slave Contract - Private
Language in contract: Danish
Version: V1.4 (Date: 23-01-2022)
Intended for: The Definite/slave (D/s) - for private
Gender: All (M/F, F/M, F/ F, M/M)
Age group: 18+
Total number of pages: 19
Download format: A4 PDF file

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Here is the Slave Contract for the couple where PRIVATE lives a life in the BDSM sign. The contract is for the Dominant / Determined and for the slave / slave woman.

If you've seen Fifty Shades Of Gray, you also know that slave contracts are a reality.

As you move into the wonderful world of BDSM, it's important what thoughts you have about the rules of the game. One person may well want more and to some extent cross the line. But now it is possible for you to agree - in part.

In this Slave Contract (compared to the BDSM contract) the negotiation options are a bit less - and the slave is "a bit" less important, which means that the Dominant / Definite has more to say while the slave has to join - and submit - the opportunities the contract has, as well as be more submissive in relation to what the Dominant / Certain thinks and thinks.

The Slave Contract has been prepared for the people who play PRIVATE - and all genders regardless of role distribution. So whether you are Male / Female, Female / Male or 2 of the same sex, Master, Mistress, Slave or Slave, this contract is perfect for your purposes, desires and achievements.

In the contract there are the most important topics that must be in a Slave Contract - also there is even the option to opt-in and opt-out at check boxes - including Safeword, soft and hard limits, penalties and much more of the naughty You want apart.

In addition to the possibilities that in the Slave Contract you can choose the slave / slave's boundaries, it is also possible to write body measurements so that the Determined can find the perfect clothes and footwear for the slave / slave.

In the Slave Contract, "The Determined" is used as the responsible and dominant, while "the slave" is the submissive and submissive. Of course, it has been taken into account that you can choose your nickname in the contract, if e.g. The Dominant will be called "Sir" or "Mentor". The possibilities are many.

If you have a professional profession like Domina / Mistress, choose our Slave Contract - Business instead.

Are you in doubt about which contract to choose? Find the little 'rainbow' icon on this page and read more about our contracts.

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How long does it take to read the contract? And make negotiations?
It takes approx. 2 hours. Depending on your negotiations. Sit down and enjoy if necessary. a glass of wine and let the negotiations begin.

Is the contract legally binding?
Our documents and contracts are NOT legally binding. In short, this means that you will never be able to sue the other signed party (eg boyfriend, partner, slave, etc.) because he or she has not complied with the contract. Our documents and contracts are prepared solely for entertainment purposes.

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Why a contract?

Have your BDSM partner or submissive slave sign a BDSM contract or a slave contract stating that he / she is disciplined and indulges in total submission for you. If you are not into bondage, fetish and slave relationships, we also have a boyfriend contract where you can negotiate clear rules and agreements when it comes to flirts, city trips and tasks in the house or apartment. If you are single - and have a sex partner, you can also sign a sex contract for who is to come home to whom when the desire arises - and which of you may have to be tied to the radiator. The new variety is to live in an open relationship. Do you have clear rules for that? Otherwise, we have drawn up a contract for an open relationship, so that you know exactly what you can and can do, so that there are no conflicts and jealousy between you.

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