Fetish.dk Models

Addicted Pixie
Danish girl who is into latex and who loves life.
Model: @addicted_pixie
Photographer: @ramonpresser

Dark fashion model in love with Japan.
Model: Model: @_aurora.rain_
Photographer: Model: @_aurora.rain_

Baby Bonita
Danish girl who is into latex, kink and fun.
Nursing student.
Model: @baby_bonita99
Photographer: @ramonpresser@flashnmodels

"Of the sea" - Like making pretty photos.
Model: @_cay0s
Photographer: @_cay0s

Danish girl who is into bondage and loves naughty smiles.
Model: Charlotte
Photographer: @ramonpresser

DF Fetish Couple
Model team from Denmark who loves to play and experiment with latex and BDSM.
Model: @dkfetishcouple
Photographer: @dkfetishcouple

Model from Germany. Describe herself as a LatexLover from 1999.
Model: @giulia.hmb
Photographer: @hzphoto.graphy

RopeBunny model from Copenhagen / Denmark.
Model: @jereminaa
Photographer: @jereminaa

Kinky Revan
German/English man who is looking for a photographer near Bremen/Germany.
Model: @kinky.revan
Photographer: @kinky.revan

Little Miss Bunny
Danish girl who is owned and in a loving relationship.
Model: @littlemissbunny_latex
Photographer: @ramonpresser

Danish girl who has a kinky side.
Model: M
Photographer: @ramonpresser

Mary D
Swiss girl who considers herself an alternative model.
Model: @maryd.model_official
Photographer: @marcos._.photography

Miss C
Dansk owned girl who likes to play.
Model: Miss C
Photographer: Anonymous

Danish girl in latex, who is in a happy relationship with the photographer.
Monica is different, but in the perfect way.
Model: @red_foxy_delight
Photographer: @deadcat_denmark

Cute petgirl next door, ready to make your day.
Model: @cozy_neku
Photographer: @cozy_neku@mai.aggestrup

Nobody Knows
Danish OF girl who has a lot of juicy stuff.
Model: @nobodyknows_xx_official
Photographer: @nobodyknows_xx_official

30 y/o Danish man who is for shiny objects.
Model: @rbbrknkcph
Photographer: @rbbrknkcph

Danish freelance model from Nykoebing Falster who volunteers in the wake service.
Model: @Sabrina_stenbaek
Photographer: @tonnynathanfoto

Danish student girl of 20 years who is also a certified personal trainer.
Model: @satansmuse666_2.0
Photographer: @_mlaumann@andersdalhoej.jpg

Located in Denmark - Born in Vietnam. She is model and you can contact her for a photoshoot.
Model: @bitty.moon
Photographer: @frankmartin.photos

A Dutch boy that some days looks more feminine than other days and love to wear latex.
Model: @struikje97
Fotograf: @struikje97

Do what she loves. Latex, collar, kink, wood og fetish.
Model: @utopie_247
Photographer: @utopie_247

Very Bossy Tory
German model that expresses itself: "BE EXQUISITE!"
Model: @verybosssy
Photographer: @verybosssy

Anonymous models who have a weakness for fetish and latex.
Models: Anonymous
Photographer: Anonymous
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