Who we are

Workshop is located in 4050 Skibby (NorthVest Sealand)

It is possible, by agreement, to come and see the exhibited products and feel the quality.

Welcome to Fetish.dk

Fetish.dk is owned by the company FMode and was originally founded as 'Digital Release' in 2008, after which we changed our name to FMode in September 2018.

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The person behind

My name is Simon and I own the company FMode.

Since I have always been inspired by the naughty universes and for the last 22 years have actively participated in fetishism events as well as attended fetish parties, I feel it is a calling to produce and sell fetish products to other like-minded people.

My mission

My mission is to inspire others to a better and naughtier sex life. I want to bring more love, desire, presence and intimacy into your everyday life.
I want to give my customers the best possible experience when they shop with me. By producing new latex products not found elsewhere, a new door may be opened with you.

Take care of yourself out there.