Why do we get turned on?

Yes, why do we actually turn on?

Have you ever wondered why you just turn it ON ?! .... or that?!

Many believe that most fetishes are founded on special experiences in childhood. But the only thing that really is FACTS is that not enough research has been done on it yet.

There are many theories about why - and how the sexual fetishes arise. Some see a very direct line between birth and experiences we have either had since childhood and the sexual preferences we have as adults.

Some believe that sexuality - or parts of it - is for the most part innate and will develop with age in the more extreme way, no matter what upbringing one has had.

Whether you have genetic predispositions that means you are crazy about either bondage or feet, you do not know at present. Most of us probably think that we know what we like - what we turn on - and what things we certainly do not want to try when it comes to sex. But with age, we are all expanding our horizons in terms of to try different things in the sexual, and what might once have been: "I will NEVER try it" or "You will NEVER get that costume on me", may eventually become: "We can try that" or "It sounds incredibly exciting."

Love, trust, security and chemistry can change many people's attitudes to what they want to try in the sexual field. What many have never done before is being tried with a steady partner.